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Raspberry Pi Tipe-B

Harga Satuan: Rp. 620.000
  • The Broadcom BCM2835 ARM11 (The one that you find in most smartphones) 700Mhz ‘System on Chip’ Processor (Similar performance to a 300MHz Pentium 2 Processor).
  • Integrated Videocore 4 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) capable of playing Full 1080p High Definition Blu-Ray Quality Video (Roughly equivalent graphical processing power of an Xbox 1).
  • 256Mb SDRAM (The same as a 1st Generation iPad) Upgrade to 512 MB
  • The free, versatile, and highly developer friendly Debian GNU/Linux Operating System
  • 2 x USB Ports
  • HDMI Video Output
  • RCA Video Output
  • 3.5mm Audio Output Jack
  • 10/100Mb Ethernet Port for Internet Access
  • 5V Micro USB Power Input Jack
  • SD, MMC, SDIO Flash Memory Card Slot
  • 26-pin 2.54mm Header Expansion Slot (Which allow for peripherals and expansion boards)
It is clear that this tiny computer will have many other applications outside of being just a learning tool. Demos already show the Raspberry Pi running games, word processing, managing spread-sheets and playing high-definition video.  With access to the internet, through Ethernet or Wi-Fi (with a USB dongle), and a high definition output, the Raspberry Pi is an incredibly versatile piece of computing kit. Most importantly the Raspberry Pi gives every child in the country a chance to own a personal computer which they can develop, learn from, and play with, at an incredibly low cost and in an unbelievably small package.



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